Super easy in 3 steps

Customize with family name,
choose up to 4 languages,
and done!

You speak all kinds of different languages in your family? You are looking for a mulitlingual children's book, where you can just simply choose the languages? Because standard is just not an option? Well, here's the answer.

made in Germany
Made in Germany
Language enhancing

The customizable multilingual children‘s book

bubbly bibsi is an unique picture word book made of cardboard. You can choose up to 4 languages, customize it with your family name and make it match your family needs. We offer our 16 page children's book with over 90 words in more than 50 languages and dialects.

As a multilingual family our focus is for the kids to have fun, but also the support of the lingusitc developement. Language should not be a barrier, but should build bridges!

Quality and safety

It is important to us to have the book made in Germany. For one the delivery time is shorter. But also, we want to guarantee the highest quality and safety standards for our little ones. Of course our book has been certified according to DIN EN 71 and therefore is firm to bite and saliva proof.

A product 100% Made in Germany.